Aeration in Vancouver

At Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc, we believe lawn care is something that should be handled by skilled and reliable landscaping professionals that will be able to cater to your specific needs. Aeration is a very important aspect of any turf maintenance plan.

We specialize in keeping your lawn healthy and happy. Our soil aeration team has handled a significant number of projects for clients across Vancouver, both residential and commercial. By getting into the habit of aerating your lawn regularly, you can keep it fresh, clean and eco-friendly for years to come.

Lawn Aeration Process

Our experts know aeration is the best treatment for many problems caused by compacted soils and thatch. It disrupts thatch and also loosens your land’s soil, improving the flow of fertilizers, water, and air.

In this process, our aerator machine pulls out small cores of soil. These cores are redeposited on your turf’s surface where they eventually break down and get reused through the soil.

Invest in Our Core Aerators

Keeping your lawn thriving is no easy job. That’s why Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc’s lawn aerator specialists know that aerating your grass is vital to any landscaping project, big or small.

Aeration helps deal with compacted soil, which can cause water pooling, insufficient oxygen and a lack of nutrients at the roots. Core aeration is the best way to deal compacted topsoil, much like turning your garden to get ready for planting and a new growing season.

Lawn Plug Aerator to Break Up Thatch

Lawn plug aerators break up the thatch layer that, if allowed to become too thick and dense, could prevent water, oxygen and fertilizer from reaching your roots.

Aeration improves fertilizer effectiveness and gives fertilizer better access to your grass’s roots, as well as promotes lawn growth and health. You’ll get a much better return on your fertilizer investment if you have your lawn core aerated in the spring or fall.

Core aerating your space will allow you to conserve water use. Compacted lawns won’t absorb water effectively, and because much of the water you apply will simply run off, your lawn won’t get sufficient moisture and nutrients, no matter how much you water it.

Core aeration gets water to the roots and eliminates run-off, which reduces your water costs.

Vancouver’s Lawn Aerator Benefits

Thatch buildup gives insects a perfect growing environment to live and stay. Because core aeration cuts thousands of holes into the top layer, it disturbs that ideal insect habitat, reducing the risk of infestation.

Core aeration allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass roots, which promotes new growth. Since new growth makes your lawn denser and healthier, it’ll also crowd out weeds.

Consider Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc For All Your Core Aerator Needs

If you are looking for lawn aeration solutions, our expert grass aerators can provide you with excellent service. We work closely with you to understand your needs and create solutions that fit your budget.

Call us today at (778) 919-3415 to get your lawn looking lush and hydrated.