Residential Landscaping in Abbotsford

At Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc, we believe landscaping is a thing of unique and exceptional beauty. Our residential landscaping projects are always tailored to your home’s individual style and crafted with the highest skills. Our goal is more than to create that perfect-looking outdoor space – it’s about making your outdoor landscaping experience a rewarding one.

Our local landscaping services in Abbotsford can help you make the most of your outdoor living space. With equal parts vision, expertise and craftsmanship, we can create a functional masterpiece for your home that blends sophisticated design with comfortable outdoor installation.

Local Landscapers Providing Outdoor Services

Much like artwork, your home’s landscaping should appreciate over time and remain a comfortable environment for your needs throughout the seasonal changes. Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc develops landscapes that will endure harsh winters and balmy summers––regardless of size and scope. Our success is based on original and innovative design and collaboration to ensure that your home gets the residential landscaping service it deserves.

We oversee landscaping projects to completion, providing services including:

  • Landscape Design Consultations
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Concept Plans
  • Landscape Installation
  • Final Product Evaluation

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance in Abbotsford

Our garden maintenance services are no different from the artistry and vision we provide in creating your outdoor landscape. What sets us apart from other local landscaping companies is our dedication to keeping your home landscaping thriving under any conditions––our clients look to us for horticultural expertise and our mission is to deliver.

Talk to us about setting up a maintenance service package to ensure a full range of seasonal needs to fit your budget. From preparing your landscape for budding season in the spring, to protecting it in the winter, we offer an extensive range of seasonal services.

Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc’s year-long maintenance services include:

Spring Maintenance

  • Leaf, branch and plant debris removal from lawn and soil to prepare beds for maintenance
  • Pruning and tailoring of trees, plants and shrubs to extend life and remove damaged materials
  • All winter trees and shrubs will be untied and trimmed as required
  • Clippings will be removed from patios, curbs, walkways and driveways

Summer Maintenance

  • Floral bed preparation
  • Debris removal
  • String trimming
  • Shearing/shaping of shrubs and hedges
  • Weed control as required
  • Fertilizer application
  • Review and adjustment of irrigation systems

Fall Maintenance

  • Fertilizing plants and soil
  • General site cleanup and the removal of debris
  • Grass cutting as required
  • Weed control as required
  • Winter preparation for plants

For Local Landscapers, Call Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc Today!

We understand that weeding through local landscape contractors can be a daunting task. At Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc, we pride ourselves on our creative vision and dedication to our clients––we love creating original outdoor living spaces that will truly become an integral piece of the fabric of your home.

By challenging design norms and pushing the limits of innovation, our promise is to deliver an outdoor living experience and an exceptional customer service you’ll never forget. Call today!