Pergolas in Abbotsford

Good Guys Property Maintenance Inc offers services that cover every step of the design and installation of pergolas in Abbotsford. Whether for your residence or to boost the curb appeal of your commercial property, our team has the experience and know-how for the perfect landscape design.

Whatever your needs and desires are for your unique property, we’re here to help advise, plan, and build. Call us today at (778) 919-3415 to start enjoying your outdoors to the fullest.

Types of Pergolas Available

If you’ve decided that a pergola is in your future but aren’t quite sure what type is best for you, we’ve collected some information below to give some more information about the market and what might be best for your needs. Our pergolas include cedar, garden, patio, wooden, metal and more! Contact us today to discuss our range of pergolas or to consult with our specialist as to which pergola is best suited for your home or business.

Wooden Pergola Benefits

Many property owners find themselves attracted to the classic look of a wooden pergola. There are so many things to love about a wooden design: the gentle grain patterns, the earthy and traditional look, and the many options for stains and paints. If you’re looking for an organic blending look between your pergola and its organic surroundings, then this might be the option for you. Similarly, if what you’re interested in is a bold statement piece in a bright color, to contrast your environment or really make your garden pop, then a painted wooden pergola could be for you.

A specialized cedar pergola not only provides the classic look of a wooden pergola, but its subtle and heady aroma will enchant anyone who comes near it.

Wood is the only resource on earth that is completely renewable, reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, making a wooden pergola a great choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Metal Pergola Benefits

There are many different benefits to a metal pergola. First, given the fact that they are less prone to breaking down than organic wood, they can be the ultimate low-maintenance pergola for a property owner who isn’t interested in spending the time and money necessary to maintain the finish and the vitality of wood.

PVC, vinyl, and hollow metal pergolas can also be cheaper and easier to ship given that they are lighter than their wooden counterparts.

What’s more, a metal or PVC pergola can give a more modern look to your property. A metal pergola can be an effective statement piece and give an impression of power and permanence.

Metal pergolas are low-maintenance, but minimal care is still required––they must be taken care of to ensure they don’t accumulate dirt, or rust.

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